In the Sultan's absence the Grand Vizier JAFFAR rules with the iron fist of tyranny. Only one obstacle remains between Jaffar and the throne: the Sultan's beautiful young daughter...

Marry Jaffar... or die within the hour. All the Princess's hopes now rest on the brave youth she loves. Little does she know that he is already a prisoner in Jaffar's dungeons...


Welcome to our new homepage about the best computer game ever made: Prince of Persia. You can find all kinds of stuff about the game here:

Some small talk and trivia about the game, the creator and, last but not least, about us.
Test your knowledge about Prince of Persia here.
See how we finished the game in such a blazing fast time. No cheating, just hints to play the game as fast as possible.
See a list of hiscores and submit your own here!
There are some very nice Prince pages on the web. Links can be found here.
Codes to open the door
The codes (the letters from the manual) to bypass the copy protection. Note: you should buy the game!
SNES Walkthrough
A walkthrough for the SNES version (not tested yet, written by Fredrik from Norway)
Format of PRINCE.SAV (technical)
A rather technical story about what the savegames of the game look like.
Level editor! (technical)
A level editor, made by Henri Calot and his crew. It is still under construction, a new version will appear soon.
Code generator for GameBoy version of Prince of Persia (technical)
An analysis of the codes of the Nintendo GameBoy-version of Prince of Persia, including a JavaScript part that can generate codes.
An article about our world record which appeared (in Dutch) in "Nieuwsblad van het Noorden".
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Please send us some feedback about this page or tell us your fastest time.

World record!

We have recently played out Prince of Persia in a record time: 17 minutes and 36 seconds (this means we had 42:24 left). The game has to be played out within 60 minutes. For a detailed description of how we did it, click here. A normal walkthrough can be found in the links section.