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PhDays Numerical Mathematics 2006

Practical matters

Location and date

May 19 - 21, 2006
Holiday home 'Le Clair de Lune' [website]


We discourage going by public transportation (perhaps you can ride with some other participants?). If you have to come by train or bus, here is how to. Take the train to (Liège Guillemins/Marloie/Namur), and continue by bus:

   BUS             DEPARTURE                          ARRIVAL

To Berismenil:

* 30       12:59   Liege Guillemins           13:59   Houffalize Place AI.
  15/2     14:14   Houffalize Depot Tec.      14:42   Berismenil Eglise
* 15       15:23   Marloie Gare               15:58   La Roche Quai du Gravier
  15/2     16:35   La Roche Quai du Gravier   16:53   Berismenil Eglise

To Samree:

* 30       17:48   Liege Guillemins           18:47   Manhay Carrefour
  55       18:54   Manhay Carrefour           19:21   Samree Carrefour

To La Roche:

* (Trein:  17:22   Liege Guillemins           18:19   Melreux Hotton
  13       18:32   Melreux Gare               19:02   La Roche Quai du Gravier
* 15       16:23   Marloie Gare               17:35   La Roche Quai du Gravier
* 15       17:23   Marloie Gare               18:15   La Roche Quai du Gravier
* 88       16:45   Namur Gare                 17:43   Champlon Place de la Gare
  59       17:50   Champlon Eglise            18:19   La Roche Quai du Gravier

To Houffalize:

* 163c     18:44   Gouvy Gare                 19:03   Houffalize Place AI
* 89       17:38   Vielsalm de la gare        18:05   Houffalize Depot Tec


before April 1, 2006, register via this website (closed now).
EUR 25,00 per person
Please make sure this amount will be on the following account by April 1, 2006: Giro: 9320927
c.o. S. van Veldhuizen
Mention: Your name + " phdays 2006"

Belgian participants can use the following international code:
IBAN-number: NL23PSTB0009320927
BIC-code Postbank: PSTBNL 21
Participants booklet:
It has become tradition tha all participants write a little bit about themselves. This short text shout consist of an introduction to your research area, the motivation for your research, and a piece about yourself. The text should be in English. Make sure to use this latex-template. Further hints are given in the template. Send the completed tex-file with a picture of yourself to Hendrik. In the template, the following information is asked from you:
  • Your name and address
  • The names of your advisers
  • A description of your research
  • A description of you and your motivation for your thesis topic.
  • A snapshot of you as a jpg/epd/pdf file
All this info will come together in a nice PhDays booklet, which you will get during the PhDays. Make sure to send the data before April 1, 2006.

Traveling information

Will follow... For now: traveling info by car.