Format of savegames (PRINCE.SAV)

The savegames of Prince of Persia conisist of only 8 bytes, in the file PRINCE.SAV. You can create the file by pressing Ctrl-G in the game. You could edit the savegames if you wanted to (it's not much use though, if you want to cheat, just use "prince megahit"). You can edit the savegames with some kind of Hex Editor (just look for a shareware program named Hexedit). The meaning of the bytes is as follows:
Byte 1: Number of minutes left, rounded UP (modulo 256).
Byte 2: Number of multiples of 256 minutes.
Byte 3: Number of seconds left after taking all multiples of 20 seconds, on a scale of 0-255 (so 255 means 20 seconds).
Byte 4: Number of multiples of 20 seconds left (0, 1 or 2) after taking all minutes.
Byte 5: Level you saved in (levels above 13 may be the potion levels used for authenticity checking).
Byte 6: Always zero.
Byte 7: Number of lives left (modulo 256).
Byte 8: Number of multiples of 256 in number of lives.

This is how we figured out exactly how much time we spent on each level:
Level 1+2: 2:28.8
Level 3: 1:40.0
Level 4: 1:22.7
Level 5: 0:59.4
Level 6: 0:20.7
Level 7: 1:38.2
Level 8: 1:58.7
Level 9: 2:15.5
Level 10: 1:21.0
Level 11: 1:18.7
Level 12: 1:51.3
Level 12a: 0:21.0

Here's a piece of JavaScript that calculates from a code the data about the game you saved in (only fill in the hexadecimal numbers in PRINCE.SAV):
Number of lives:
Time left:

Jan and Rob.

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